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3 days ago
Are you ready, our new course start, January 2017: IUM.io/1TI8xpO
Our University
American Muslims have established many religious academic institutions in America specializing in the study of Islam and Islamic Sciences, its civilization and history. We recognize that religious education and guidance in the West requires a type of scholarship that in some ways is different from the scholarship available in Africa, Asia or the Middle East.
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Mission Statement
IUM Vision, Mission & Objectives Our vision is to establish IUM as a pre-eminent institution of higher Islamic education in the western world, over the next 20 years. We wish to see IUM have its own beautiful campus, that it be able to invite students from all over the world for higher education. We want to enable IUM to provide first class Islamic education in an Islamic environment through renowned scholars of Islam invited from all over the world to further the dissemination of this sacred knowledge.

We plan to provide Islamic higher education in the United States and with this type of education to develop committed and learned scholars and community builders. Our effort is to tirelessly serve Muslims and guide them to peacefully work to further Islamic scholarship.