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Career Development and Human Resources is in the office of the Director for Student Services.

It provides students with information and contacts regarding internship programs and either imam or chaplain or teacher positions throughout the country.

Also this page will regularly post imam and teacher and administrative positions from masjid and Islamic Centers from all over North America.

About IUM

What Makes Us Special?

  • Our students can pursue independent study and take tests to complete courses and earn credit.
  • IUM classes are taught in English and Arabic.
  • Flexible class schedules. Weekends and Evenings.
  • Download course material for independent study or receive classroom instruction or live on line.
  • Instruction for the Mahad students.
  • Scholarships & financial aid when available.
  • Jobs preparation assistance in finding employment.
  • Our faculty members are highly qualified and have degrees from renowned institutions.
  • Some of our scholars have studied with renowned scholars.
  • IUM offers instruction in multiple languages.
  • IUM is also working on offering degree programs in non-religious disciplines.