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Graduate Mahad when successfully completed will lead to the awarding of an MA degree in Islamic Studies.

A live class is held once a week in the tradition of Extension classes making it convenient for people who are pursuing jobs or other degree programs elsewhere on weekdays.
M.A. Mahad Islamic Studies Arabic (2 Years)
M.A. Mahad Islamic Studies English (2 Years)

The Graduate Mahad is taught in Arabic and English. Arabic Mahad is led by Dr. Waleed Al Meneese and the English program is led by Sheikh Jamal Ben Ameur.

Arabic Mahad is every Friday from 5PM to 10 PM in Bloomington, MN sponsored by Al Jazari Institute

Areas of Study:

Aqeedah: “Sullam al Wosul” (Ascent to the Attainment)

Hadith: “Nukhbatu al Fikr” (Finest opinions in the concepts of Scholars of Hadith)

Fiqh: “Zaad Al Mustaqni” (Provisions of the Contented)

Usul al Fiqh: “Al Warakat” (Papers in Usul al Fiqh)

Fiqh Al Mawareeth: “Arrahbia in Science of Inheritance”

Optional Arabic Grammar: “Al Ajrumia”

English Mahad is every Sunday from 4PM to 9PM at Al Amaan Center in Minnetonka, MN sponsored by Al Amaan Center.

Areas of Study:

1- Fiqh: Sharh Zad Al Mustaqni 2 شرح زاد المستقنع ٢
The explanation of the Zad is based on a comparative Fiqh study between the major school of thoughts:
Hanbali, Shafi, Maliki and Hanafi.
Main reference for the Sharh:
Sharh Zad Al-Musaqni by Mohamed ibn Mokhtar Ash-Shinqiti, Al Mumti Sharh Zad Al Mustaqni by the author Ibn Othaimeen, and Al-Mughni by the author Ibn Qudama.

2- Maqasid Ash-Shariaa (The intents/principals of the Islamic Jurisprudence):
a) Study of the book Treatise on Maqasid al-Shariaah by Ibn Ashur
Presentation of the book:
Treatise on Maqasid al-Shariaah by Ibn Ashur

b) Explanation of the Book :
إتحاف القاصد بنظم أحكام و قواعد المقاصد Ithaf AlQasid Bi-Nudhm Ahkam wa Qawa’ed Al Maqasid (Ithaf Al Qasid with the Nudhm of the laws and principals of the Maqasid) by the author Mohamed Ibn Said AlYubi

3- Ulum Al-Quran
a) النظم الحبير في علوم القرآن و أصول التفسير Sharh Al Nudhm AlHabeer fi Ulum AlQuran wa Usul At-Tafseer ( An-Nudhm Al Habeer in the sciences of Quran and the fundamentals of tafseer) by the Author Sa'ud AshShureem.

b) Sharh of the Introduction of Ilm Al Qiraat ( sciences of the styles of recitations of the Quran) by the author Sh Waleed ElMenesi

4- Fiqh Principles (AlQawaed Al Fiqhiya) القواعد الفقهية
Explantion of the book:
Matn AlQawaed Al Fiqhiya (Fiqh principles) by the author: Abdurrahman Ibn Naser As-Saadi.

5- Akhlaq and Suluk ( Morals, conduct , manners) Study of the book "Kitab Ilm As-Suluk (Book of the Knowledge of conduct ) by the author Ibn Taymia

6- Art of the Arabic Language منظومة الشبراوي في قواعد فن العربية Explanation of the Matn Ash-Shabrawia in the rules of the Arabic language by the author Abdullah Ibn Mohammed Ash-Shabrawi.

7- ٌRules of Tajweed متن تحفة الأطفال
Explanation of the book: Matn Tuhfat Al Atfal ( The children Bequest) by the author Suleiman Al Jamzuri

About IUM

What Makes Us Special?

  • Our students can pursue independent study and take tests to complete courses and earn credit.
  • IUM classes are taught in English and Arabic.
  • Flexible class schedules. Weekends and Evenings.
  • Download course material for independent study or receive classroom instruction or live on line.
  • Instruction for the Mahad students.
  • Scholarships & financial aid when available.
  • Jobs preparation assistance in finding employment.
  • Our faculty members are highly qualified and have degrees from renowned institutions.
  • Some of our scholars have studied with renowned scholars.
  • IUM offers instruction in multiple languages.
  • IUM is also working on offering degree programs in non-religious disciplines.