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The IT coordinator provides services for classrooms and students all week during library hours. Students needing assistance at the soon to be established copy center can contact the IT office for assistance. IT personnel handle any technical difficulties in the classroom related to internet usage as well. If a student is in need of technical assistance, an appointment needs to be made with IUM IT manager. If the problem is beyond the scope of the IT office, then the IT Manger will advise the student accordingly. Students may be required to pay a technology fee at the start of each semester. These services will be for academic purposes only.

Usage of Computer and Technology

Computers and technological resources, owned by Islamic University of Minnesota may be made available to IUM students, faculty for student research, class assignments, and test taking, etc. Any illegal, unethical, or violation of policy may result in disciplinary action. Each user is responsible for the saving and storing of their files on their own personal USB drive or via email. IUM computer hard drives will be routinely cleared. IUM is not responsible or liable for any stored or deleted files. Each user is responsible for University login account secure. IUM is not liable for any security breach of their campus account. Users must not give their password out, they should change their password regularly, and they should logout from IUM public computers. Users must abide by IUM legal policies concerning student conduct, plagiarism, copyright laws, academic dishonesty, discrimination, harassment, and theft. Any abuse of these resources should be reported to the IT personnel.

About IUM

What Makes Us Special?

  • Our students can pursue independent study and take tests to complete courses and earn credit.
  • IUM classes are taught in English and Arabic.
  • Flexible class schedules. Weekends and Evenings.
  • Download course material for independent study or receive classroom instruction or live on line.
  • Instruction for the Mahad students.
  • Scholarships & financial aid when available.
  • Jobs preparation assistance in finding employment.
  • Our faculty members are highly qualified and have degrees from renowned institutions.
  • Some of our scholars have studied with renowned scholars.
  • IUM offers instruction in multiple languages.
  • IUM is also working on offering degree programs in non-religious disciplines.