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  • “Rules of Proving and Seeing the New Moons” (PhD paper)
  • “Athar al-Qira’at al-Arba’at ‘Ashar fi Mabahith al-’Aqeedah wa al-Fiqh” (The impact of the Differences of the Fourteen Qerra’at (Modes of Recital) on the Islamic Creed and Jurisprudence) (Master’s paper)
  • “Mukhtasar Iqtidaa’ as-Siraat al-Mustaqeem” (The summary of the Right Path) (Published)
  • “Fatawa wa Rasaail al-Shaykh ‘Abd-il-Razzaaq ‘Afeefi” (Biography of the sheik Abdul Razak Ofaify and Some of his Islamic Edicts) (Published)
  • “Sharh al-Orgoza al-Waleediyah al-Motammimah li-Matn ar-Rahbiyah” (Poetry on Islamic Laws of Inheritance and commentary) (Published)
  • “Bahjat-ul-Arwaah fi Riwayat Hafs min Tareeq Almesbah” (Poetry on the Science of Quranic Recitation)
  • “Etthaaf as-Suhba bi-Rewayat Shu’ba” (Poetry)
  • “Judicial work outside of the Islamic State”
About IUM

What Makes Us Special?

  • Our students can pursue independent study and take tests to complete courses and earn credit.
  • IUM classes are taught in English and Arabic.
  • Flexible class schedules. Weekends and Evenings.
  • Download course material for independent study or receive classroom instruction or live on line.
  • Instruction for the Mahad students.
  • Scholarships & financial aid when available.
  • Jobs preparation assistance in finding employment.
  • Our faculty members are highly qualified and have degrees from renowned institutions.
  • Some of our scholars have studied with renowned scholars.
  • IUM offers instruction in multiple languages.
  • IUM is also working on offering degree programs in non-religious disciplines.