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Islamic University of Minnesota


IUM was first established as an academic institution for higher Islamic education in 2007 with Dr. Waleed Meneese as its Vice President. Dr. Meneese taught many courses pertaining to Islamic Knowledge in this institution and with other learned personalities.

This humble effort attracted immense interest from the youth hungry for authentic Islamic knowledge and training. The student roster rose as hundreds of young men and women thronged to register for undergraduate and graduate schooling.

In 2013 Islamic University of Minnesota reincorporated as Dr. Walid took the reins of the institution as its President and Dean of Islamic Studies faculty and with Hyder Aziz as its Vice-President and Executive Director. IUM is registered as a nonprofit [Tax exempt EIN # 80-093-8606].


President’s Message

All praise is due to Allah and salah and salam be upon The Messenger of Allah.

A Word From the President of the Islamic University of Minnesota Professor Dr. Waleed Ibn Edrees El-Meneese Welcoming the Students of Knowledge All praise is due to Allah and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. To proceed: Safwan Ibn Assal said: “I came to the Prophet peace be upon him while he was in the mosque reclining on a red coat and I said to him: ‘Oh Messenger of Allah I came to seek knowledge.’ He said: ‘Welcome, seeker of knowledge. Indeed the angels surround the seeker of knowledge with their wings, then they pile on top of each other until they reach the lower heaven out of their love of what he is seeking.’” And from Abu Saeed Al-Khudri may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah said: “People will come to you seeking knowledge. When you see them say to them, ‘Welcome, welcome,’ in obedience to the injunctions of the Messenger of Allah and instruct them in knowledge.”(One of the narrators said) “I said to Al-Hakam: ‘What is ‘Iqnuhum?’ He said: ‘Instruct them.'” Such was the Prophet’s peace be upon him gracious hospitality for the student of knowledge, his welcoming of him, and his naming him the recommendation of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. The Islamic University of Minnesota has taken upon its shoulders to act upon this honorable prophetic recommendation and has opened its doors to the students of knowledge whether through onsite study on the main university campus in Minnesota, study on the campuses of its branches in the various states, or on the internet through live streaming of the lectures in a manner that allows the student to communicate with the instructor and ask about that which confuses him. The university was keen on teaching sacred knowledge from its primary sources through the primers, explanations, and commentaries that would produce students that have the ability to independently research the primary sources and understand them with precision. The university has made available to teach in it a unique group from the best of scholars who have been recognized for their mastery. We ask Allah the Exalted to use us for His obedience and to give use the ability to continue to deliver this noble message, and with Allah lies success.

Dr. Waleed Edrees Al-Meneese
President of IUM

Vice-President & Executive Director’s Message

All praise is due to Allah and salah and salam be upon The Messenger of Allah.

For nearly 15 centuries Muslims have been engaged in a noble struggle, a struggle that was bestowed upon them by Allah Azzawajal himself under the leadership of our beloved prophet and messenger Muhammad (SAW). Nabi(SAW) was sent as a Rasool, a prophet, a teacher, a guide, a leader for the world to set its course on the right way, the way to achieve felicity and Peace through the worship of Allah. His central mission was primarily to convey the message from Allah about what Allah Azzawajal wants from His creation and what He has in store for His creation. The first action that our beloved Prophet (SAW) engaged in was the dissemination of knowledge of Allah’s will.His struggle was to convey the message, to explain it, to attest to its veracity, and to have his actions be guided by the message. He (SAW) completed his mission. Our mission through this newly established Islamic University is to facilitate access to this knowledge in an academic setting, under the guidance of our esteemed president, Sheikh Waleed al Meneese and several illustrious teachers. IUM’s four-year undergraduate program, two year Master’s Program and the 18 months to three year PhD Program will produce at the end enough graduates equipped with religious knowledge to serve Muslim communities throughout North America. Religious training and education is available only at a handful of institutions in North America, mainly through distance education. In a classroom setting, IUM aims to provide the best religious education & training available anywhere. In short we continue our beloved prophet (SAW)’s mission. Moreover, besides developing a first-class faculty of Islamic Studies, we intend to introduce within the next five years five more faculties for Information Technology, Leadership & Business Management, Islamic Banking & Finance, Social Work and Arabic Language. We will make first class private school education affordable in addition to seeking accreditation for all our offerings. To perpetuate our mission, Courses in Islamic Studies for other majors will be necessary. That is at the heart of our mission. As part of our tradition we will offer our student body community events, special programs and lectures from international scholars, seminars, workshops, athletic and cultural activities. In the last two years IUM has hosted big visiting scholars such as Sheikh Zaheerudddin Mubarakpuri, Sheikh Abdullah Obaid, Sheikh AbdulRahman Mubarakpuri, Sheikh Kuraim Rajih, Sheikh Hasan Abdul Ghaffar. And inshallah many more are going to walk the hallways and classrooms of our university and share with us their knowledge. We at IUM are here for the students, to enable themto achieve their aims, in every way possible. We welcome you to become a partner in this effort toward success and achievement. Wa Jazakum Allahi Khairan.

Hyder Aziz
Vice President & Executive Director


Hyder Aziz

Vice-President & Executive Director

Ibrahim Yusuf

Director of Student Services

Said Jibril Gaahnug

Director of Student Recruitment & Communications

Marwa Baaj

Director of Admissions

Dr. Nahla Al Amoudi

Translation of Texts Assist in GIAD English Program


Jamal Farah