Admission Procedure


The Islamic University of Minnesota is committed to a diverse student body that enriches the educational experience.
We strive to give our students every possible opportunity to live up to their potential experience.


IUM welcomes all students. Whether you are a local student or one studying at a branch of IUM nationally or internationally or joining our independent study program, we look forward to working with you and serving you.

New and transfer students can be admitted anytime. IUM reviews each applicant with an eye to academic excellence, intellectual vitality, and personal context.
Two Faculties offer Master’s and Doctoral degrees at IUM. Admission requirements vary. While a Master’s program takes a minimum of 2 years; PhD program can be completed in as little as eighteen months or 3 years.
Admission Policies

IUM students are from throughout the world, representing diverse perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. U.S. undergraduate applicants are the only ones admitted locally, and at various Branches of IUM nationally. Read More