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Al-Mantiq – The Study of Islamic Logic (Advance Course)
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  • November Thu 2020
Course Information

Islamic University will be offering 2 courses for this upcoming semester. A beginners course and an advance course to cater to the diverse educational level of the students in the University. The course will introduce student to the study of logic and practices used to defend Islam through rational argument. Student will be equipped with skills and methodologies to ensure Islam can be proven through logical, consistent thinking and analysis.

About the Instructor

Dr Jamel Ben Ameur is the Imam at Masjid Al Aman Islamic Center, in Minnetonka, Minnesota He is also a khateeb at the ICCC (Masjid Al Huda) He is a lecturer at Islamic University of Minnesota and a member of the Islamic Jurisprudence Council of MN As an Imam and religious leader, he has worked in community development for more than 10 years In this role, he has developed programs for youth and adults, implementing an Islamic dynamic vision, combining spirit, mind, and action within the challenges of the world today He pursued a traditional Islamic Education, and studied Islamic Law and Quranic Sciences for several years at the hands of scholars in his country He is licensed in various fields of Islamic Studies He holds Ijazat of Quran in different Qiraat He has also earned a MA & PhD in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Minnesota Furthermore, he obtained an MS in Business Management from Sorbonne University, in Paris, France and diplomas of advanced graduate studies in International Trade Law and Economics from University of Tunis. Branch Location: Al-Amaan Center, 5620 Smetana Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55343.

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