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Al Meneese Second Fall Intensive English Dawra
Al Meneese English fall dawra
  • Uadmin
  • January Sat 2021
The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said

Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim
5 days Fall intensive program in English. Seek an authentic Islamic knowledge to get closer to Allah (swt). A great opportunity to be in company with scholars and students of knowledge. An opportunity you don’t want to miss!!


Sheikh Mohamed Farah
The Mothers of the Belivers (Poem by Sheikh Mohamed Tawfi Nahas)
Sheikh Omar Abdirahim
A mercy to the World: Explanation of selected Hadiths about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Sheikh Said Shiire
Karamat al-Awliya (Poem by Sheikh Waleed Al-Maneesse)
Sheikh Abdullahi Bihi
Furu’al-Fiqh by Ibn Abdil Hadi (A primer in Fiqh, that covers all topics within Fiqh. The poem of Al-Jurjani in Honor)


The Mothers of Believers
The Miracles of the friends of Allah
Explanation of selected Hadiths about Prophet Muhammad (saw)
Furu’al Fiqh by Ibn Abdil Hadi. A comprehensive Fiqh that covers all topics
Poem by Al Jurjaani

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