Doctoral Program

Goals of the program

The PhD program requirements are simple and designed more like Universities in the Middle East and Africa. Student must have finished a Master’s Program first and submit along with an application, a copy of the MA degree along with official transcripts.

The candidate must also submit a brief thesis proposal. Once the proposal is approved the Dean of Islamic Studies will appoint a Supervisor for the candidate.

The program fee is $2000.00 and additionally $1000.00 for the defense of the thesis.

The student must pay the tuition at the commencement of the program along with the registration fee of $100.00 The defense fee must be paid no later than a week before the actual defense.

Students residing in developing nations will have a lower rate of tuition and $25.00 Registration fee.

All doctoral candidates are expected to complete 60 Semester Credits via one of two available tracks.

Track 1: Completion of Ten post graduate level courses (30 Credits) and a 200 page dissertation and its defense (30 Credits) or

Track 2: Completion of Fifteen Post Graduate level courses (45 Credits) and a 100 page dissertation and its defense (15 Credits)