Tuition Policy

Tuition Policy

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is calculated according to the number of credits each student is registered for in any given semester. IUM charges $100 /course per academic semester for all the AA/BA degree courses for student residing in the USA, Europe or Canada. $400.00 graduation fee is also assessed at the end of the undergraduate academic program.

Master’s Students will need to pay $45 per credit for the 45 credits needed for graduation without a thesis. They can also opt for 30 credits in courses and a one-hundred-page thesis (15 Credits). In this case the cost per credit will remain the same. Additionally, there will be a $400 graduation fee. The total cost of the program being approx. $2400.00.

PhD students will pay a total of $2000.00 for the program and another $1000.00 for the evaluation and defense of the dissertation. There is a $400 graduation fee for PhD graduates as well.


Islamic University of Minnesota expects all students to pay the year’s tuition by the first week of class. Students who wish to pay tuition using the monthly installment plan should contact the Registrar’s office for further information. The University is committed to grant scholarships to students from developing nations, demonstrating qualification and genuine need, while they maintain satisfactory academic progress for each year of study. Some scholarships are available to students from developed nations.

Refund Policy

Non-attendance in a course does not constitute official withdrawal. Students who are registered in a course and yet fail to attend are held responsible both academically and financially for that course. Refunds are given only when student officially withdraws with the knowledge and permission of the Registrar’s office. The following schedule is applied to registration costs and tuitions fees only.

  • First day: Full refund
  • First week: 85%
  • Second week: 50%
  • Third week: 30%
  • On or after 21 days: No refund
Short Intensive Summer courses
  • First day: Full refund
  • End of first week: 75%
  • End of Second week: 25%
  • Third Week and beyond: No refund
Al-Azhar Program

The Al-Azhar degree program will cost $2000.00 per year. Students may pay monthly or quarterly or they may pay the entire sum in advance. Additionally, there is a $400 graduation fee upon completion of the entire program. Payments may be made by check only for this program or over the phone by credit card. Students from developing nations may also attend this program online as IUM students and may complete this program and receive degree from IUM at a reduced rate.

Ijaza Program
  • Total tuition covering the duration of the program is $1000.
  • The tuition should be paid in full, otherwise contact the IUM office.
  • Students with financial needs may be eligible for partial of full scholarship depending on the availability of sponsors.
  • Student may help to secure his/her own sponsor to avoid the wait.